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Tomy Drissi / DRACULA Untold Prototype Completes Epic 10 Hour Petit Le Mans

When the checkered flag fell on the inaugural TUDOR United SportsCar Championship and Tequila Patrón North American Endurance Cup season finale at Road Atlanta’s Petit Le Mans Powered By Mazda, Tomy Drissi and his teammates had completed the heroic feat of finishing the legendary 10 hour racing marathon.

Drissi, teamed with Martin Plowman and Marc Drumwright persevered throughout the 10 hour event working their way through 13 caution periods and a crowded 56 car field.  The No. 87 BAR1 Motorsports Prototype Challenge car, featuring the October 10th release of the movie DRACULA Untold,  withstood all of the trials and tribulations a 10 hour race can dish out… but in the end, Tomy and his team prevailed to see 1016 miles and the checkered flag.

Tomy Drissi, known for his movie themed race cars, thrilled the after dark crowd with this year’s livery, DRACULA Untold, opening in theaters October 10th. Tomy admited, DRACULA Untold just had that extra bit of kick racing under the lights.

“This is just a great effort by the BAR1 Team, Martin, Marc and myself,“ noted Tomy. “And, yeah…. running through the woods at 180mph plus with DRACULA on board was a blast… I think the fans got a big kick out of it and we added something to the fun and excitement Petit Le Mans is known for.”

“These guys at BAR1 worked really hard,” Tomy continued. “I was in the car for almost four of the ten hours, it was a 'fright-mare'… just crazy.  Things were going very well for us… until a car that was 18 laps … yes 18 laps, off the pace, made contact with us. We made the repairs, but we could never make up the time and it effected the cars handling.”

“Regardless, everyone kept their heads down and drove the whole race like we were on the lead lap,” Tomy added. “While we’re not happy with our finishing position, we’re extremely proud of the effort and the fact we finished. Petit Le Mans is a 10 hour sprint race… our guys and the team deserve a lot of credit for what it takes just to finish a race like this.”

“It was great being back with BAR1 and I really had a good time driving with Martin and Marc,” said Tomy. “When we were on the grid for the fan walk, the whole team came out to meet the fans and show their support for the No. 87 car and DRACULA Untold. The car drew a lot of fan interest and everyone was excited to see and have their picture taken with us. The size of the crowd was amazing!”

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