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Drissi and Team Put Zoolander No. 2 on the Podium at the Rolex 24

Picking up right where they left of last year, teammates Tomy Drissi, Johnny Mowlem and Marc Drumwright enlisted the help of young Puerto Rican, Ricardo Vera and NASCAR veteran, Brendan Gaughan to take another run at the epic Rolex 24 at Daytona. Driving the BAR1 entry, the No. 26 Zoolander 2 / Southwest Realty Advisors / South Point Casinos Prototype Challenge, the team was able to run with the front of the pack through out the 24 hour battle. Due to one small misstep, they would have to settle for third, despite a near perfect drive.

“This was a tough race for all,” noted Tomy Drissi. “BAR1 did a great job. I felt early in the race, we missed a bit on the set up… compared to last year, where we knew we had hit the set up just right. But make no mistake, the car was good and kept getting better.”

“Personally, I felt that I could have done better,” Tomy acknowledged.  “I pushed as hard I a could but I had a little difficulty really attacking and feeling comfortable. Unfortunately, that's the compromise that happens when you have multiple drivers. You have to work with the best setup… and that’s the one that works for all. I was happy that I didn't make any mistakes. I kept it clean and pushed as hard as I possibly could.”

Known for his movie sponsored car liveries, Tomy was promoting Paramount Pictures upcoming release, Zoolander No. 2. The reception by the fans at Daytona was fantastic. It didn’t take long for fans to pick up on posing with the car and impersonating the classic Zoolander poses… Blue Steel and le Tigre.

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